Heather Mack, Campaign Manager, Green Party of England and Wales

Rachel helped us with our European election campaign. We knew we should dedicate budget to paid social media, but we didn't know where to start. We had 4 million people to reach, and we needed to find out which audience to target, and with what messaging. Collaborating with Rachel enabled us to target our posts, and therefore our budget, on the most receptive audiences. Rachel was fantastic at keeping us included in process and ensuring we understood the results. It surprised me just how much you could learn so quickly!

The results were incredible, we had a reach of over 500k and almost doubled our vote in the area. We now know more about tailoring messages to different audiences, and we've massively increased the reach of our Facebook pages.

Eva Watkinson, Shelter

This is one of the best trainings I have been on in years. I really appreciated how comprehensive it was and tailored to the reality of a big NGO. Rachel knows email inside out, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience which includes the results of a million A/B tests in her back pocket. You will come out writing emails that really connect with your supporters and the training will help you move away from transactional, formulaic content.

Oscar Laster, Fundraising and Engagement Officer, Peace Direct

Before working with Rachel, a challenge we faced was trying to convey the need for inclusive, supporter focused language to colleagues that don't typically work in supporter facing roles. Collaborating with Rachel has enabled us to come together as a team behind a coherent vision. What surprised me about working with Rachel is that she was able to make complex concepts sound simple.

Sam Coates, Unlock Democracy

Approachable, friendly sessions, can still learn even if you can't make the live sessions, the fact that homework was actually of real use to the team (espcially email open/click stats).

I thought I knew a fair bit about email (and some of the course very helpfully forced me to actually implement ideas I already knew about) but I also learnt a whole bunch about the techie side I'd never looked at before. It's been both a confidence boost to find out what we've been doing right and that we achieve great things just by pushing them further. I've now organised a session for my team where we're going to implement what I've learnt across our public-facing communications.

Patrick Olszowski, Action Medical Research

Ever since the first pitch meeting, Rachel’s diligent and creative approach stood out way above the options offered by other suppliers. I believe the strongest mark of whether a project has been a success is not merely whether a client (ie me) would be willing to recommend a supplier... but also whether they feel that something more than the sum of the parts has been created... I feel this is very much the case, and with over 900 sign ups in the first week... seem to agree.

Johnny Chatterton, Campaigns Officer, Burma Campaign UK

We’re the third most mentioned thing on Twitter right now… We’ve been live for less than a day and already over 1200 [messages] have been added from Iran to Jakarta to Thailand to Kazakhstan. … I would like to say a big thank you to everyone… especially Rachel Collinson… who gave up their bank holiday weekend to make this possible. They could not have been better to work worth.

Guilliana Castle, ABF The Soldier's Charity

Rachel is one of those people I’ve met around the digital charity circuit and... immediately spotted key issues our charity was experiencing in digital. Our charity hadn’t even been using digital channels for direct marketing so we knew we needed to gain understanding before we could even think about buy in. She listened to what we actually wanted, as well as needed, and came in and presented on the possibilities of digital. Her thorough approach including reviewing aspects of our website really helped bring home why moving digital into the strategy was vita to senior board members. We don’t move at the quickest of paces but we now have a ‘digital first’ point enshrined in our new 14-17 plans. What is great is that she also will continue to stay in touch and offer pointers long after her consultancy is over. She’s also super nice so I really can’t recommend her enough.

Harriet Gurney Hill, Supporter Campaigns Officer, Fairtrade Foundation

The email training which Rachel does is great. It breaks it down into simple lessons what works for emails and what to avoid, with practical activities to keep a group engaged for the day. We had two sub-teams attend who don’t prioritise email comms perhaps as much as they should but after Rachel’s workshop they had several ‘ah ha’ moments when they realised how they can generate content out of things they already had, how better to use their time (make their emails simpler and more effective) and how to generate better responses. It’s a very practical bit of training that anyone can put into practice straight away. It’s also good that Rachel get you to bring example emails from within your organisation as opportunities to learn.

Rachel is a great facilitator, she uses humour successfully to put across teaching points and I really enjoy working with her.

Gemma Pedder, Digital Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability

I have worked with Rachel on various projects over the years. From platform builds to training and workshops, Rachel has always delivered an excellent service. One of the key reasons for this is because Rachel really understands the not-for-profit sector – the internal politics, overly complicated structures, sign off procedures, low budgets – she gets it.

Rachel brings wealth of knowledge to projects. At Mencap I came to her with the shell of an idea about how to get people to engage and share shocking statements and statistics about learning disability. What came out of that was a digital tool that was a big step forward for Mencap. It made the organisation realise the importance of harnessing the power of social media and gave our supporters a different view of us.

I have also brought Rachel on board at World Animal Protection UK and Leonard Cheshire to deliver training and workshops. This has taken many forms but in particular her email marketing training has been a huge help. This has been given to digital team members as well as complete novices and both have said how much more empowered they feel to make decisions and as well as feeling more confident about writing email copy.

I would highly recommend working with Rachel. Her contacts in our sector reach far and wide, she is brimming with ideas, is incredibly passionate and brings a great energy to everything she works on.